How Flood-Con Works


Today's Control Structures

Current practices used in controlling storm water is the implementation of detention. Detention typically consists of a depression, or pond, and a control structure. Control structures are designed to discharge storm water back into the existing receiving stream or storm sewer at flow rates equal to the natural peak flow rate for a specific design storm.

There are several problems with today's traditional outlet control structures, including but not limited to:

Not Designed for Real Storms

Not designed for real (actual) storm events which can allow smaller storms to pass through uncontrolled

Cause Downstream Flooding

Delays peak time of the storm causing downstream flooding and erosion

Have a Fixed Flow Rate

Rates of discharge are influenced by pond depth, making it impossible to replicate natural, pre-developed, hydrology

Disturb Water Quality

Do not provide adequate water quality​​, polluting rivers and streams with turbid water during a heavy storm

The Flood-Con Advantage


Flood-Con Control Structures

Our patented automated flood control structure is a win-win for developers, contractors, and regulatory agencies. Our flood control structure, i.e. the "BEAST"​, treats urban storm water runoff by replicating natural hydrology for the duration of a real time storm event. As opposed to fixed opening control structures, reservoir routing, and hypothetical storm events used in today's methods.

The beast is installed on the outlet side of the detention pond drain pipe, removing the need for that unattractive concrete structure commonly used in today's ponds.

Mimics Natural Hydrology

No other control structure can mimic pre-developed hydrology for an actual rain event on a fully developed site. Unlike most post construction stormwater best management practices, our flood control structure allows for the greatest flexibility in the customer's desired layout of the development without requiring additional land area or open space.

Reduces Pond Volume

Flood-Con provides an improved representation of natural flow patterns and pre-developed conditions for any and all real storm events. This gives developers and engineers the ability to design their most desired development footprint. When used to attenuate peak flow rates, our patented flood control structure has the capability of reducing detention pond volumes by nearly HALF!

For sites of one acre or less we will match the cost of an installed conventional outlet control structure.

Provides Real-Time Monitoring

Flood-Con has an extremely low maintenance cost. Our system provides constant status updates to our web site so we are always aware of a site's status and real-time site information such as current rainfall amount, current pond depth, current water discharge rates, and turbidity monitoring. All information is logged for historical reporting and analysis before, during, and after a storm event.

Is Environmentally Friendly

Storm water runoff in urban and developing areas is one of the leading sources of flooding and water pollution in the United States.  Flood-Con collects and logs real-time rainfall while constantly monitoring pond depth. This allows Flood-Con to effectively hold back any volume of storm water runoff for the duration of the storm.


Unprecedented Innovation

Flood-Con is the ONLY control structure that can mimic the original, natural (pre-developed) hydrology of ANY site.

Combined with real-time monitoring and intelligent storm water control, Flood-Con can reduce your overall cost, reduce flooding, and even reduce your pond size!

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