Flood-Con Products


Patented Automated Flood Control

Flood-Con control structures restore the natural environment without compromising the desired footprint of the development. Our patented automated device controls storm water runoff by replicating natural (pre-developed) hydrology for the duration of a storm in real-time, and does not require additional pond volume or a flow sensor.

When used to attenuate peak flows, our patented flood control structure can reduce pond volumes by nearly half in comparison to today's outlet control structure.

Flood-Con control structures consist of a series of movable barriers that open and close as required to achieve a specific rate of discharge for any given time during and after the storm.

Our products are 100% solar powered with battery backup to provide un-interrupted operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Real Time Precipitation Monitoring

Flood-Con provides automated precipitation monitoring and a customized real time Web App with email and SMS text message notification capabilities. Real time precipitation monitoring includes rainfall intensity, total rainfall depth, forecasting, frequency of storm event, water depth, estimated flow rate, alert of upset event, and more.

Alerts can be customized per Flood-Con site to notify key personnel during a rain event when rainfall or pond depth hits a specified level.


Real Time Turbidity Monitoring

Flood-Con provides real time turbidity monitoring through our online Web App so our customers are always aware of the quality of stormwater being released from the development.

When paired with our automated flood control structure, the customer has the option to remotely manage the discharge of stormwater or allow the flood control device to discharge only when turbidity levels are below the minimum limit.  Both options can be executed during and after the storm event, eliminating the need of onsite personnel during rain events.

Turbidity alerts can be customized for each Flood-Con site and sent to key personnel when specific thresholds are surpassed, allowing actions to be taken accordingly.