Flood-Con can reduce detention pond size up to 50% or more, allowing more flexible site development.

Live turbidity monitoring so Flood-Con only discharges when turbidity levels are at an acceptable level.

Real-time status updates 24/7 through our custom Web App.  Setup customized alerts for each Flood-Con installation.

For pond reduction projects of 1 acre or less, we will match the installed cost of a conventional outlet control structure

Intelligent Storm Water Control

Flood-Con treats urban storm water runoff by replicating natural hydrology for the duration of a real time storm event. Instead of fixed opening control structures, reservoir routing, and hypothetical storm events used in today's methods, Flood-Con's system consists of a series of movable gates that open and close allowing the ability to achieve a specific rate of discharge for any given time during and after the rain event. 

No other control structure can mimic pre-developed hydrology for an actual rain event on a fully developed site.

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